Do I have to give LEGO® bricks?

No. You can give a financial donation exclusively. Building Kids, Inc., provides funds to partner schools and community organizations to implement constructive playtimes– we don’t want to give already stretched schools another assignment without also giving them the resources to implement. So even if you don’t have LEGO® bricks to donate, your financial gift will be extremely helpful in implementing our programs! Use this reply form for donations by check.

Can donors give other building bricks made by competitors to LEGO?

Yes. Donors are encouraged to focus on giving regular LEGO bricks, but no donated non-LEGO products will be turned away.

Am I limited to how many LEGOs I can donate?

No. Feel free to send Building Kids, Inc., as many LEGO bricks as you want.

Does Building Kids, Inc., give away donated LEGOs to children in the developing world?

No. All donated bricks are donated to targeted SCHOOLS or COMMUNITY PROGRAMS in the developing world to implement in a controlled setting which maximizes the benefit for all concerned.

Can I give other kinds of LEGO products, such as Duplo or Technic blocks?

Yes, you sure can!

Is Building Kids Inc., affiliated with the LEGO Company?

No. Building Kids Inc., is a registered U.S.-based non-profit public charity. We may be unaffiliated with LEGO– but we think they’re pretty awesome!